【SHIMA SPA concept】

SHIMA SPA concept


“Shima spa” projects are plans of us who says that it will make the island a spa in cooperation with people who lives in the islands region (Henza, Hamahiga, Miyagi and Ikei). Here, there are the earth filled with the beautiful sea and energy and the environment that is embrace on a gentle breeze to blow from the far-off distance.
We will regain oneself by you, and provide service and the place that can become energetic.

I want you to do YUKURU (rest and rest of the life) from the mind. And, I always would like you to return here.
It is a project that consists of “UMUI (aspiration)”.


Our aspiration

It means something be able to be done for someone
It is CHIMUGUKURU (wholeheartedness) or
It is considerate (UMUI) of someone
We want you to take a rest with your soul
We want to tie to all the related people that we got affection from
It is basics of healing that we think of

Our aspiration
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